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Nov. 22nd, 2011 09:40 pm
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I am still alive. Crazy, right?

An update

Jan. 30th, 2011 06:27 pm
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It's been six months or so, I figure it is time for an update.

Well, let's see... not much changes when you get to be my age. Most of the change happens with the kids. I could talk on at length about the kids, but suffice it to say that they're growing up and being kids.

Ah, here is something. Today we went to the park to feed the geese. I hate the geese, but the kids love them, so off we went. We brought some soybeans, which, by all rights, the geese should have been all over. Most of them weren't. Only a few geese, looking thinner and being more aggressive than the rest, would eat the soybeans.

I think those geese were probably migratory geese who stopped by and enjoyed the handout. The bum geese that have set up shop in the park are so used to bread and chips they wanted nothing to do with the beans.

About all I can hope is that a fox sets up shop in the park and starts eating all the geese.

And more!

Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:30 pm
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I am unable to find inner peace, but I shall use my disquet to make the world a better place.

Let's use that as the theme for the next few months.

What news, what news...

I'm going on a fishing trip in a few weeks by myself. I'm a participant in the NC Angler forums, and they have a float trip planned for the New River in a couple of weeks. I've never really met anyone I'm going to be fishing with, but I figure a two day trip floating down a river loaded with fish isn't going to be too stressful. I'm going to bring the fly rod with me, just for laughs. I've not really done any fly fishing since I lived in New York. I anticipate having fun but missing the Misty-monster and the two spawn quite a bit.

I'm selling one of the BMWs. I've got a 1995 VW Golf Sport to take its place as my rally car. I figure parts are really expensive for the BMW and really cheap for the Golf and I'm likely to break something or another in the course of a rally, so it'll be good in the long run. Plus, I'm likely to get more selling the BMW than I paid for the VW, so yeah. I'll get some gravel-spec coil overs. Also, the Golf is red. Red paint is easier to hide dents, chips and dirt on.

I have a hernia. I blame the BMW, since I was working on it at the time. That's another reason I'm selling it. That car keeps trying to either injure me or drain my wallet. I'd like to sell it to my younger brother, but the logistics of that just won't work out. The hernia is mild, so I'm not due for an operation in the near future unless I do something stupid, so I'm hitting the gym for cardio and light strength training. Until I get the operation, the days of power-cleans and heavy weight squats are gone, though.

I've not been able to either of my younger brothers (Jack and Michael) "my little brother" for a while now, since they're both taller than me. They're built like fashion models, though, all long and thin. No meat on them at all. At least I can still call Sarah "my little sister" but only just.

Also, as a bit of trivia, I learned to type so long ago that I put two spaces after the period at the end of a sentence. According to modern style guides, two spaces are passe and dated. I'm trying to stop, but I keep having to go back over things I wrote and take out the extra spaces. It'll come with practice.
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To my LJ friends: I hope this finds you well. Things continue apace here; my life is stable. I wouldn't call it boring, but not much happens differentlyon a daily basis. All of the mercurial drama from earlier in my life is gone, replaced now by a bedrock of solidity and routine. I've gotten old without really realizing it.
I'm not dead. Life continues at a frenetic pace- as I noted last time, I don't really take the time any more to post long musings. I've instead become quite happy with the bite-sized bits on Facebook. If you want to look for me there, I shouldn't be too hard to find. Guess what my handle is? Probably not, I'm using my real name. If you have a facebook account and want to friend me, go right ahead- I'm under Brett Murphy.
Today, someone said something about Michael Jackson being dead a year already. I was surprised; it seems like just yesterday everyone had lost their mind. Me, I never knew the man, and he wasn't any great influence in my life.
I nearly broke my ankle at Issequena Falls in SC while I was on vacation. I'm having to wear one of those ankle supports and I've been gimping around for almost a week now, but it is getting better. It's put a real damper on many of my plans though.
Richard moved out on earlier this month. I've had him as a roomate in some capacity forever, but it was time. He's passed his NCLEX and ais new job starts in a couple of weeks. I'm terribly happy for him.

I've got my RX-7 running again, mostly. I've had the car for over 10 years and I've driven this particular one maybe 10000 miles, at most. It's a beast now, though. All the hard work paid off, it's a pretty good street machine for a 23 year old car.
I'm also building a BMW 321ix for rallycross. I ran my first rallyX a while ago and had a blast. I ran it in my daily driver, though, so I couldn't go quite as all-out as I wanted to, since I was terrified of crashing. I won't have that problem in the BMW.

My kids are great, but man... they test my patience.
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Yeah, that update that I thought I'd post soon after my last post has been kind of delayed.

Anyhow, things go on, as they always do. I still have a job, the kids are healthy, if taxing and overall, I can't complain about much. Oh, don't get me wrong, I could... I could. I could tell you how liquid cat food just sprayed all over me because the feeding tube got blocked up while I was feeding Badspy. I could tell you about how irritating work could be. I could tell you about a metric load of things that might have gotten me worked into a froth, or depressed or just wanting to rant a short time ago.

But not now. I'm not sure why or what has changed, but I'm just not feeling the inclination lately. Maybe it'll change. I'm sure if I felt like I had something worthwhile to say, I'd say it.

But I don't really, so I'll end this post here. Be well everyone. You're all still in my thoughts from time to time.


Jan. 11th, 2010 12:39 pm
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Wow. It's been forever since I updated this.

Facebook has kind of taken over for my daily naval-gazing entries. I must try to get an update in here and there.
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Your BrainHex Class is Conqueror
Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Conqueror - Mastermind.

You like defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players as well as solving puzzles and devising strategies.

--- What this means is I'm most likely thinking of a way to kill you right now. I'm the Batman, damnit.

Your scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows:

Conqueror: 20
Mastermind: 17
Daredevil: 14
Seeker: 10
Survivor: 7
Achiever: 5
Socialiser: 4

Your opposites are:
No Punishment
You dislike struggling to overcome seemingly impossible challenges, and repeating the same task over and over again. This exception is the opposite of the Conqueror class.

No Problems
You dislike being asked to solve puzzles or work out solutions without clear instructions. This exception is the opposite of the Mastermind class.

Go to to learn more about this player model, and the neurobiological research behind it.
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I'm going to use this once or twice a day.
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The whole family went out to the Mazda cookout at Falls Lake. We had a great time, and two members took a whole set of pictures. If you want to see the cars (including a brand new RX-8 R3 in blue) and people, click through. For the rest of you, here is a picture of Lucy.

Rotary Cars )
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So, my middle brother might be getting his driver's license back soon. I've offered to sell him the BMW I got to fix up and turn for a profit for however much money I wind up putting into it.

I'll need a new profit car. Anyhow, he sent me a message and asked what color it was. I replied that it was "Inexpensive Color."

I've not heard back from him.

It's Bronzitbeige, btw.

The Video. I found it amusing. )
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Funny thing, the First Amendment.

What brings this up? Well, I was readying this entry in Pharyngula

The key bit is at the end: "Irreverence is our answer, not dumb humble deference."

I hold the view that one of the key points behind the First Amendment is that through open speech and discourse, silly ideas can be put into circulation and shown, through rational discussion, to be nothing more than silly ideas. Granted, it is a messy and inexact process, but over the long haul, it works out fairly well, all things considered.

One of the biggest dangers in the free exchange of ideas is... not exchanging ideas. Things like the Creation Museum, frequenting blogs and websites and listening to news programs that only speak from the point of view you hold isn't exchanging ideas. You're not leaving your comfort zone, you're not considering new things. You're getting feedback that your point of view is right. In many cases, people just trade opinions without re-examining the facts. People on both sides of many arguments are guilty of this. What people on both sides of many arguments forget is that there are people on either side who have a huge stake in what turns out to be correct, and they're willing to distort facts or resort to outright lies to protect their little sandboxes from outside influence.

I've been guilty of accepting certain things at face value once or twice in the past, when I was younger and didn't know quite as much about how the world works. I now do my best to keep an open mind. Sure, I apply my bullshit sifter to lots of things that come through the inbound channels, but every so often someone holding an opposing view from mine throws something my way that makes me think. And I do think. And research. And examine.

And sometimes it changes my mind. Sometimes it doesn't. The bottom line is that I try not to let other people do my thinking for me. I can't be an expert on everything, but I can be informed.

And I worry that lots of people don't really care about being informed. They just want to be happy, and feel safe. There's nothing wrong with that, hell, that is what everyone wants. I'm just not sure that's how the world works. I'm positive we don't make any scientific progress that way, and I'm less sure we make progress as a species that way.

If I do nothing else with my life, I'm doing to do my best to make sure my kids ask questions.
That they keep thinking for themselves.
That they keep their sense of wonder for the world.


Aug. 5th, 2009 10:31 pm
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I was going to post something snarky here about prayer and how useless it is, but it is like pissing in the wind.

Instead, I realized I don't post much here anymore. I don't play videogames much anymore. I'm just reading a bunch of stuff on the internet- some crap, some science, some car stuff. Overall, I think I've gone into input mode- I need to learn some new stuff, and fast, before it feels like my brain is getting atrophied.

Maybe I should go get my master's degree or something. The thing is, I'm a terrible student. I'm not sure grad school would suit me.
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I've not updated in a while. Things continue apace; not much happens, yet I remain busy all the time. Despite this, my entire life feels like wasted potential at times.


Jun. 25th, 2009 09:50 pm
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Michael Jackson died. It's front page news, everyone is talking about it.

One one level I understand. Lots of people grew up listening to him, he was all over the media, he was a cultural icon, he led a sad life, etc. People identify with things that touched them, the familiar is conforting.

But the saturation just as easily points out how incredibly broken our media is. There are tons of /important/ things happening in the world. There are things people should be outraged over happening right fucking now and the headlines are all about Michael Jackson.


Jun. 10th, 2009 11:04 pm
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I went to Vermont to visit my family. As it turns out, I'm not visiting my family again until someone dies or gets married.

In other news, if you're a fan of the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, check out this post:
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Today is a play
I never wanted to write
yet the show goes on.
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