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Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:30 pm
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I am unable to find inner peace, but I shall use my disquet to make the world a better place.

Let's use that as the theme for the next few months.

What news, what news...

I'm going on a fishing trip in a few weeks by myself. I'm a participant in the NC Angler forums, and they have a float trip planned for the New River in a couple of weeks. I've never really met anyone I'm going to be fishing with, but I figure a two day trip floating down a river loaded with fish isn't going to be too stressful. I'm going to bring the fly rod with me, just for laughs. I've not really done any fly fishing since I lived in New York. I anticipate having fun but missing the Misty-monster and the two spawn quite a bit.

I'm selling one of the BMWs. I've got a 1995 VW Golf Sport to take its place as my rally car. I figure parts are really expensive for the BMW and really cheap for the Golf and I'm likely to break something or another in the course of a rally, so it'll be good in the long run. Plus, I'm likely to get more selling the BMW than I paid for the VW, so yeah. I'll get some gravel-spec coil overs. Also, the Golf is red. Red paint is easier to hide dents, chips and dirt on.

I have a hernia. I blame the BMW, since I was working on it at the time. That's another reason I'm selling it. That car keeps trying to either injure me or drain my wallet. I'd like to sell it to my younger brother, but the logistics of that just won't work out. The hernia is mild, so I'm not due for an operation in the near future unless I do something stupid, so I'm hitting the gym for cardio and light strength training. Until I get the operation, the days of power-cleans and heavy weight squats are gone, though.

I've not been able to either of my younger brothers (Jack and Michael) "my little brother" for a while now, since they're both taller than me. They're built like fashion models, though, all long and thin. No meat on them at all. At least I can still call Sarah "my little sister" but only just.

Also, as a bit of trivia, I learned to type so long ago that I put two spaces after the period at the end of a sentence. According to modern style guides, two spaces are passe and dated. I'm trying to stop, but I keep having to go back over things I wrote and take out the extra spaces. It'll come with practice.


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