Jun. 25th, 2010

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To my LJ friends: I hope this finds you well. Things continue apace here; my life is stable. I wouldn't call it boring, but not much happens differentlyon a daily basis. All of the mercurial drama from earlier in my life is gone, replaced now by a bedrock of solidity and routine. I've gotten old without really realizing it.
I'm not dead. Life continues at a frenetic pace- as I noted last time, I don't really take the time any more to post long musings. I've instead become quite happy with the bite-sized bits on Facebook. If you want to look for me there, I shouldn't be too hard to find. Guess what my handle is? Probably not, I'm using my real name. If you have a facebook account and want to friend me, go right ahead- I'm under Brett Murphy.
Today, someone said something about Michael Jackson being dead a year already. I was surprised; it seems like just yesterday everyone had lost their mind. Me, I never knew the man, and he wasn't any great influence in my life.
I nearly broke my ankle at Issequena Falls in SC while I was on vacation. I'm having to wear one of those ankle supports and I've been gimping around for almost a week now, but it is getting better. It's put a real damper on many of my plans though.
Richard moved out on earlier this month. I've had him as a roomate in some capacity forever, but it was time. He's passed his NCLEX and ais new job starts in a couple of weeks. I'm terribly happy for him.

I've got my RX-7 running again, mostly. I've had the car for over 10 years and I've driven this particular one maybe 10000 miles, at most. It's a beast now, though. All the hard work paid off, it's a pretty good street machine for a 23 year old car.
I'm also building a BMW 321ix for rallycross. I ran my first rallyX a while ago and had a blast. I ran it in my daily driver, though, so I couldn't go quite as all-out as I wanted to, since I was terrified of crashing. I won't have that problem in the BMW.

My kids are great, but man... they test my patience.


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