Jan. 2nd, 2009

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- Lucy born 2/12. This will be the best thing to happen in 2008. However, this also happens to be Connor's birthday. Queue an entire year of extreme attention seeking behavior from Connor, the latest of which is shitting in his pants, on purpose. He only does this when he is at home, though.
- Little brother Jack graduates high school and gets massive scholarships to go to college. I do a bit of fishing.
- I get a new job. It pays a lot of money, but it a ton more work than my last job.
- Summer way, way too damn hot.
- Ticktockman turns 40, hoping everyone forgets his birthday. I don't.
- I enroll in a welding class in the fall. My new car is hit while at class, causing ~$2000 worth of damage, just weeks after I bought it. Work speeds up, and I miss the last 3 weeks of class. I can weld, though.
- We go to see my grandmother, who has been in a decline for a while. Both her mind and body are going. While driving up, my mother calls and tells me she's been moved. I don't get to see her, and have an absolute miserable time at my parent's house.
- Misty is hit in the Jeep. We've only had this car a few months. Damage estimated to be about $4500
- Stress catches up with me. I'm tired, cranky and otherwise no fun. I break out on my face for the first time in TWENTY FUCKING YEARS.
- Christmas. Meh. People give out religious based gifts to our kids, knowing full well we're not at all religious. I suspect they're doing it on purpose. I am not at all amused, and decide the gifts are simply going to disappear.
- Little brother Jack fails pretty much everything and loses all of his scholarships.
- Spend New Year's eve working. The Hurricanes beat Atlanta. Woo.
- Have a mental implosion on New Year's day, decide that nothing good can come from getting out of bed. Sleep until about 4:30 PM. Wake up, watch a bit of TV, eat some food, go back to bed at 11:30.


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