Apr. 5th, 2009

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This weekend-

Friday- car club meeting. Showed off the new '7. Everyone was suitably impressed. I need to get a car cover for this baby post-haste.

Saturday- Grocery shopping, followed by a quick trip to a nearby lake for fish feeding. Some Canada Geese showed up and started hissing at Connor, so I drove them off. Don't threaten my kids, you overgrown varmits.

Sunday- Mowed the lawn, then onto some gardening. My back is aching. We've got some sweet potatos planted and some basil, tomatos, leeks, rosemary and flowers waiting in the wings.

I'm on call this week then off to San Francisco for training next week. Busy, busy, busy.

Also, this:

I live on a road where people come and dump their unwanted pets. It sucks.

Anyhow, a while back somebody dumped what looks to be a purebred Himilayan cat. The cat has just had kittens. My neighbors are currently looking after the cat and the kittens, but they are elderly, bird persons and are planning on moving soon. They don't want the cat or the kittens, but don't want to take any of them to a shelter.

If you want the mother cat, one or more kittens or all of them together, drop me a message or give me a call at nine one nine four one two nine nine five eight. I'll get you in touch with my neighbors and you can set up a time to look at the cats.


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