Feb. 3rd, 2009


Feb. 3rd, 2009 09:10 pm
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When I work up this morning, I couldn't bear the thought of going outside. I felt like someone had hit me with a hammer. My joints ached. I had a stabbing pain in my solar plexus whenever I moved.

I called in sick to work, slept until 1 PM and felt a world better.

Other notes:
- Connor is obsessed with death. Earlier, I made the mistake of mentioning that Ian Curtis is dead while listening to "Ceremony". I could not explain to the boy why exactly he is dead. Ugh.
- I have no idea why my son is running around telling me "Nobody can bear the Carolina!"*
- My, what big teeh you have, Lucy. Four of them. All at once. She is biting everything.
- I often wonder exactly how hard Karen O is trying to be Patti Smith.
- I'm much better at minced oaths than my wife is.
- I really ought to start writing down the recipies I use. I've become so comfortable with some dishes that I'm cooking them solely by eye and taste now.
- I really want to finish up my car.
- Bing bing bang a bong a bong bing bang a
Ticky ticky thought of a gun
Bing bip bip a bop bop boom bam
Ticky ticky through the day

*I can hardly stand it sometimes, myself, little man.


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