Jan. 13th, 2009

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One of the hardest things for me about being a parent is managing the slow erosion of innocence that follows hand in hand with children growing up.

It pops up all the time: From having to explain why the sharks are eating the seals on the Discovery channel,* to trying to explain why there is a man begging for change on the street corner. Yeah, that is easy to explain to a 4 year old.

I don't want to lie, but I can't tell the unvarnished truth, either. I also think talking down to kids is insulting to them (Ah, memories!). So I have to try to filter the world just enough to make sense and tell the truth without destroying the ephemeral bliss that is childhood.

Life is a bitch, as the old saw goes. It is my job to make sure that my children will be ready for it, so they can handle it, because sooner or later something is going to happen that might break them.** It doesn't make it any easier, though. I know I'm training my replacements, but damn, can't they just be kids for a while?

* Me: "They're hungry, and that is what they eat, boogie. They don't have other food." Him: "But that isn't NICE, daddy!"

** Don't try to argue, it will.


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